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I made this of model Anya :)
/ Kim Johansson


Special thanks to Finch for submitting the first GG tattoo story!! <3

By Brian Hutflies, at Warlock Tattoo in San Francisco, CA.
[Update: Warlock is now defunct; Brian can be found tattooing at Sacred Tattoo in Oakland, CA].

Had a touch up a month ago.
Compare to before.

He put these little lines of orange into the petals *swoon*

Inspired by the cherry tree in my father’s backyard in Upstate NY that always had chickadees in it when I was growing up.

I was reminded of that by this beautiful drawing of a chickadee I received on a thank-you card fromwww.supermaggie.com after buying a shirt. I used her art with permission, she was even kind enough to send me a high-res file. The chickadee looked like this when he was colorless and all alone. He was done by a lady whose name I can’t remember at One Shot Tattoo in San Francisco.

The branch was inspired by a really beautiful dessert plate that I found and used while working at Modern Tea, which you can see right here. And also here, in action.

In photoshop, I took the clumps of flowers off the plate and did a test run on the idea when I very first had it two years ago. The chickadee was there first of course, and originally I wanted the whole thing in black and white, and changed my mind after the initial consultation, which looked like this.

Ben took pictures while I had it done.

One day after my first session, which was two hours, it looked like this.

He left the end of the branch open, in case I decide to add on to it later.


I still have some art to post, don’t fret!

BUT!.! I have an idea. Please read and let me know what you think.

So I’m already accepting all art OF godsgirls and BY godsgirls. I was also thinking it might be fun to post special photos and facts about your tattoos. I mean that’s art too after all. If you have photos of you actually getting tattooed, or a nice photo of a specific piece/ sleeve/ etc of art you’d like posted.. please submit it here or to submitggart@yahoo.com

Like maybe photos of your ink after it’s healed, or as it was being done. Perhaps the name of your artist, who did the original artwork, how long it took, it’s personal significance to you.


Might be an interesting way to get some more content on here!


Josepha drawn by Tyler Christ.



artist: [NANO]

model: Ellie

  • Question: Its really cool that you posted the portrait I did of Swindle and linked it to my blog =} Thank you. Thats really cool of you (whoever you are). I have a painting I did of Porcelain and Adneris somewhere also. - Flipz5 - Rok The Spot - rokthespot
  • Answer:

    Aw, awesome I’m really happy that you didn’t mind! I wanted to ask first but it’s hard to get ahold of each individual artist. If there’s ever any more info you want attached, just let me know! 

    Also if you ever want to submit anything else, you can directly on this tumblr or at submitggart@yahoo.com :)

    I’m Ari, a model from GodsGirls, by the way!! <3


Hey! I did this of GG model Anya :)
/ Kim


Sorry about the queue malfunction everyone!! Looks like you all need to create some art of GodsGirls so I can get back on track :) I already have a few Kim has submitted and some waiting in my email account! So thank you and keep it up!!


Illustration by U! of model: Pony

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